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Rubber Hand Gloves

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Product details of Rubber Hand Gloves

  • Product Details:
  • Application
  • Household
  • Laboratories Industry/Material Handling/Assembly
  • Construction/Heavy Duty Work:Gardening
  • Marine Industry
  • Electrical protection, Food Processing/Industry
  • Oil and Petrochemical Industry
  • Features :
  • Water Resistant
  • Acid Resistant
  • Alkali Resistant
  • Oil Resistant
  • Anti Static/ESD
  • High Visibility

How protective are you and your loved ones when it comes to sanitation? LOWPRICE ONLINE brings you Pair of Large Size Reusable Rubber Hand Gloves. These 100% water safe gloves can be reused if well dried and stored aside. Use them to protect yourself against cos-tics, detergents, acids and other household chemicals. Made of natural rubber (Latex) material the gloves are reusable, washable, more durable than ordinary rubber gloves. The Non-slip flock lining grip helps to hold items and provide good tear and chemical resistance. The product is ideal to use during Washing, Cleaning, Painting, Gardening and other Household or Industrial works. Applications: Food processing, Tank cleaning, Handling with acids ketone alkaline costics, dish washing, industrial & electronics jobs, gardening, light assembly etc. Stay safe. Packet quantity: Each packet has two gloves, one for the left hand and another for the right hand Shipment quantity: With this order, you get One packets of gloves. Notes: The product is reusable only to a limited number of times. Subjecting to over heat or leaving the gloves in wet condition will decrease re-usability opportunities.


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